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Helping motivated Women Jump Start their Youtube Channel and keep them accountable to stay consistent!


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I never was the best in school, heck I hated the traditional life cycle we are "supposed" to follow. 

So I decided to teach motivated Women how to jumpstart their Youtube channel in 5 weeks!

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What People Have to Say

You have great tips! The one year thing especially is important to highlight, it's really hard to get those 4K watch hours in only 1 year! -Clouds Zhu

This is something I needed! I've always compared myself to other and it's so hard! It's made filming videos fun again! -Rocky's Modern Life

Every time you come out with a video like this I always agree! You always have great and REAL advice! -Amanda Rozze

OOO I loved this! This was so helpful. I'll definetely incorporate these tips to help me grow! -Chelsea Wilson

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